TEDxTexasStateUniversity 2017

The TEDxTexasStateUniversity team  held on October 21, 2017 with ten amazing speakers with the theme of “bridging differences.”

Austin Leone: Bringing Experiences from the Classroom to the Real World

Ian Smith: Positive Activism: Uniting Radicals & Regulars

Jorrel Javier: Being Purple in a World of Reds and Blues

Kuro Tawil: No Issue is Too Big: Bringing Light to the Darkness

Michael Yates: Recognizing Privilege: Power to All People

Richard Morley: Compassion as an Antidote to Violence

Sierra Holmes: His Success, Her Success, My Purpose

Susie Bannon: Triggered? How Labels Guide our Interactions

Tafari Robertson: Finding the Power to Revolutionize Institutional Space

Valerie Alvarez: Just Learn to Say The “B” Word: BLIND