TEDxTexasStateUniversity 2023

Our world is made up of complex systems and processes that have allowed our species to flourish. Operating in the background, these structures impact our everyday experiences and are often taken for granted. TEDxTexasStateUniversity’s 2023 theme explored compleXity. Our talks focused on identifying and navigating these complex systems to help explore and advocate for solutions to complex problems and challenges we face. The talks represented a variety of fields and perspectives including technology, health, the arts, media, social sciences, the humanities, and the natural sciences. We invite you to click on the link below for inspiration and conversation as we discover what it means to be a citizen in this complex, global world.

2023 Speakers


TEDxTexasStateUniversity 2022

We wanted to explore the green aspects of our community and world. What do you think of when you hear the word “green?” Do you think of a bold color that symbolizes renewal, growth, and hope? Do you begin to worry about our environment and climate change? Is green the term used when you are new to an industry or organization? Our dynamic speakers represented how to be green across a variety of fields and perspectives.

2022 Speakers


TEDxTexasStateUniversity 2021

The first ever TEDxTexasStateUniversity virtual event aimed to embrace underrepresented voices, under-served communities, or ideas that were taken for granted. We presented dynamic speakers from diverse backgrounds who are driven to create change, solve problems, and question current standards.

2021 Speakers


TEDxTexasStateUniversity 2020

This event presented talks that revolved around the theme of truth(s). Is there a long quest for truth? How does art speak truth? How does a community come to embrace their truths? Is it possible to develop new truths? We spotlighted speakers from diverse backgrounds and fields to help the San Marcos and Texas State University community think about truth(s).

2020 Speakers


TEDxTexasStateUniversity 2018

TEDxTexasStateUniversity was ready to reXamine the norm. We shined a spotlight on speakers who challenged the status quo and embraced the question “why.” Our speakers shared ideas that focused on innovation in technology, science, the arts, humanities, and our daily lives. Our speakers thrived on reXamining the world around us. They made the old new, used art to influence change, and pushed the norm. 

2018 Speakers

Bridging Differences

TEDxTexasStateUniversity 2017

The theme for our event this year was bridging differences. We chose this theme because we felt there are many ideas that can help us overcome the differences that so often divide us. By highlighting these ideas, our speakers challenged you to act and make a positive impact in your community. 

2017 Speakers

Everyday Heroes

TEDxTexasStateUniversity 2016

In this event, we heard from individuals in our community making a difference locally, nationally, and internationally. Texas State University has many top students and faculty members that regularly make an impact on those around them. Through our TEDx event, we heard from these people, and inspired participants to make a difference in their worlds. 

2016 Speakers