TEDxTexasStateUniversity 2017

The TEDxTexasStateUniversity team  held on October 21, 2017 with ten amazing speakers with the theme of “bridging differences.”

Bringing Experiences from the Classroom to the Real World

Austin Leone

Positive Activism: Uniting Radicals & Regulars

Ian Smith

Being Purple in a World of Reds and Blues

Jorrel Javier

No Issue is Too Big: Bringing Light to the Darkness

Kuro Tawil

Recognizing Privilege: Power to All People

Michael Yates

Compassion as an Antidote to Violence

Richard Morley

His Success, Her Success, My Purpose

Sierra Holmes

Triggered? How Labels Guide our Interactions

Susie Bannon

Finding the Power to Revolutionize Institutional Space

Tafari Robertson

Just Learn to Say The “B” Word: BLIND

Valerie Alvarez