Dana Swann Headshot 2

Dana Swann serves as the Executive Assistant at Texas Commission on the Arts and has been with the agency for 18 years. She is the direct administrative support person for the agency’s nine commissioners and serves as the agency’s Accessibility and Disability (ADA) Coordinator and as the Liaison for the Creative Forces Initiative.

With 40 years of administrative experience, she's been with a variety of notable organizations like the Greater Austin-San Antonio Corridor Council, City of Austin, and The University of Texas System. She recently graduated Magna Cum Laude in Communication Studies from Texas State University and is pursuing a master's degree from the same department. Dana aspires to teach communication at the college level and finish writing her book. She dreams of sharing her life's story on the TEDx stage. A true Texan from Leesville, she enjoys fashion, baking, teaching Zumba, country and western dancing, and bringing laughter. Dana takes pride in being a mother to three sons and having four lovely grandchildren.