Dr. Nadim Adi Headshot

Dr. Adi is an assistant professor at Texas State University. He completed his doctoral studies in the field of virtual reality and obtained a master’s in architecture from the UK. Combining these two fields, he developed a passion to understand and test new buildings and building materials using virtual reality. He studies how people respond to different types of built environments using various virtual platforms as a medium. He has worked in several universities around the globe, in the fields of high-rise wood buildings, hospital design, dementia and elderly friendly design, and interactive architecture. His research has several potential inter-disciplinary applications involving health, education, and ergonomics. His work on dementia friendly hospital design resulted in changes to the Canadian building code and several publications and talks in various events globally.

He is currently a key member of the Researcher Mental Health Observatory (ReMo COST Action) to change the approach to mental health globally. He is also a member of the The Alliance of Researchers in Aging (ARIA), a group of Texas State researchers dedicated to aging and life course research.